sTARTUp Pitching Powered by EstBAN – the winners have been announced!

27 August, 2021

The fantastic and nerve-racking sTARTUp Pitching powered by EstBAN has reached the finish line! A record number of applicants – 330 startups from 51 countries – started the hunt for the amazing experience and awards. And now, the winners have been announced!

VSight won the EstBAN-led syndicate of €250 000 and €75 000 investment from .Cocoon Ventures syndicate. Adact was awarded €75 000 investment from .Cocoon Ventures syndicate as well!

Lithuanian startup VSight is an Industrial Augmented Reality Platform enabling enterprises to make the workforce more connected. Remote field technicians and experts can connect and collaborate on maintenance, repair, operations via live video, audio powered by Augmented Reality.

Initially, EstBAN planned to put together two syndicates to invest up to €200 000 in each team. But as startup life is so unexpected, there is always room for pivoting. “The competition was so tough, and all TOP7 companies who were selected as potential target companies for investment are all actually very strong,” explained Anu Oks, the CEO of Estonian Business Angels Network. “We decided to raise the game even higher and give out €500 000 instead!” Therefore EstBAN syndicate invests €250 000 to VSight from Lithuania, and the competition still goes on for the other half, which will be decided and announced in 2 weeks.

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