Happy summer: Save the dates in August and further!

18 June, 2024

Happy summer everyone! We hope all your mailboxes have gone to a summer mode. However, we are super glad if you save the dates when coming back rested after your holidays. There are some events in the end of August and several study trips waiting in the autumn!

If you want to sign up, then check your mailbox – we have sent newsletters with registration links to most of these happenings. If you want to participate, but don’t know how to sign up, feel free to write us an e-mail info@estban.ee and we’ll guide you further.


So, what’s the agenda for August?


  • 24th of August EstBAN Tennis Tournament (Tallinn)
  • 27th of August EstBAN Tartu Investor Club (Tartu)
  • 29th of August EstBAN Season Opening Pitch Event (Tallinn)


Study trips to Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Finland await


  • 25-27 September – Connect2Scale study trip to Stockholm.
  • 1-3 October – Connect2Scale study trip to Vilnius.
  • 28-29 October – 4NGELS study trip to Warsaw.
  • 18-19 November – Connect2Scale study trip to Helsinki.
PS! There’s limited number of spots for EstBAN members in each study trip, so we might adapt lottery system to fill these spaces. All the study trips and events are meant for EstBAN members and partners only.