International projects

Connect2Scale is a project designed to supercharge EU startups into thriving scaleups. The goal is to broaden the collaboration between investment ecosystems and investors. Stakeholders from 6 countries will be part of  training programs, study visits, vibrant community-building activities, and collaborative knowledge creation.

The program is supported by the EU and brought to life by EstBAN, FiBAN, EBAN, Business Angels of Slovenia, LitBAN, LatBAN and coordinated by CIVITTA from Estonia.

4NGELS is a cross border training and investment programme for business angels. 4NGELS will also include startups’ participation in training and pitching events, preparing them for international funding rounds with business angels. The program is supported by the European Union and brought to life by EstBAN, FiBAN, Cobin Angels in Poland and Business Angels of Slovenia.


REACH is a European-wide second-generation incubator for data-fuelled start-ups & SMEs that aims to facilitate the development of trusted and secure innovative solutions based on industrial and personal data.

REACH aims to be the main innovation mechanism that supports experimentations on secure and trusted data value chains across several sectors and launching of new data-fuelled products and services to the market, leveraging the capacities of the best data-driven DIHs in Europe. Over its lifetime, REACH will support +100 business ideas from SMEs and select among them 30 solid business cases through a total of three open calls in the coming three years, distributing a total amount of €3.5M.

New Nordic Leads provides many benefits both for newcomers and experienced angels

New Nordic Leads is a training program that boosts cross-border investments by improving startups’ investment readiness and educating the next generation of lead angels in the Baltics. The program is put together by EstBAN and FiBAN and fueled by Central Baltic Interreg. The startup investment readiness training is coordinated by Civitta.

Nordic Angel Program (NAP)

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) – was a 3-month business angel training investment program led by experienced startup investors. NAP project was actively involvint five business Angel Networks – EstBAN, FiBAN, DanBAN, BanNorway and Nordic BAN, the project was coordinated by Civitta.
This project received funding from the EU-Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement