New Nordic Leads

New Nordic Leads was a training program boosting cross-border investments by improving startups’ investment readiness and educating new generation of lead angels in the Baltics. The program was put together by EstBAN and FiBAN and fueled by Central Baltic Interreg. The startup investment readiness training was coordinated by Civitta.

Angel investor toolkit

Videos for Startups

Wrap your head around some of the most common questions and topics. Hear it from the experts.

1. How to fund your startup (Riivo Anton)

2. How to find the right investor? (Martin Goroško)

3. 1/2 What are the angel investors searching for? (Kristjan Raude)

4. 2/2 What do angel investors want? (Kristjan Raude) 

5. What’s a term sheet? (Yrjö Ojasaar)

6. Key metrics for startups (Heidi Kakko)

Videos for investors

1. Leading my first syndicate (Annukka Mickelsson)

2. How to make kick-ass syndications? (Kristjan Raude) 

3. The 3 Cs of successful angel investing and 21st century leadership 

4. Lessons learned from angel investing syndicate research

5. Dare to lead! Taking on the multidisciplinary responsibility of leading syndicates 

6. Building a funding roadmap (Reima Linnanvirta)

New Nordic Leads Materials

New Nordic Leads has prepared a selection of materials to support you in your fundraising journey. Discover the various funding options available to your startup, take note of how to prepare for fundraising, learn about the pitch deck and term sheet and dive into Due Diligence.

1. Funding options for startups

Get an overview of the funding options available to startups in different development stages. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of angel funding, venture capital, crowdfunding and much more.

2. How to prepare for raising an investment

What steps do You need to take before starting your fundraising journey? This document gives a brief overview of the fundraising process and introduces the main legal documents associated with it.

3. Pitch Deck

You have an amazing team, you are solving an important problem and have a rockstar solution that the market wants. How to communicate this to the investors? Use the power of the pitch deck!

4. Term Sheet

What is the importance and role of the term sheet in the investment process? This document gives an overview of the main terms and links to widely used templates.

5. Due Diligence

Due Diligence is one of the last steps before concluding an investment agreement with your investors. What materials and how should you provide? You will find Due Diligence checklists and dataroom examples in this document.

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