We unite startup companies with experienced angels

EstBAN connects and educates business angels to increase investment quality, thereby helping innovative startups to grow.

Why angel investing?

You might think it is just to make money, but for many investors, it is a way to give back to the community, to help build successful companies and to get the satisfaction that comes from this involvement. Of course angels hope to get a decent return as well. Being part of the angel investor community gives you access to quality deal flow, and the possibility to team up with an experienced angels to be able to share responsibilities and ideas before making an investment decision.

Rocket-starting your angel investments into the best startups can’t be easier

EstBAN has deal-flow equal to any early-stage VC – the best deals are screened by the most experienced investors, and presented to EstBAN angels monthly. Then, for the very best startups, investments syndicates are formed.

Ivo Remmelg

EstBAN President Emeritus

  • Access to international well-selected deal flow and first right to join EstBAN syndicates
  • EstBAN members-only events – monthly startup pitch events, coffee mornings and networking events, discounted tickets to startup flagship events
  • Joint training sessions and knowledge sharing
  • Networking with like-minded investors – an exclusive network consisting of angel investors, venture and corporate partners
  • Access to the services of European Business Angel Network

If you are interested in joining EstBAN as angel investor, please fill out the form.

We welcome new members who are willing to be active investors and participants in selecting and mentoring high quality growth companies. In case you have questions about becoming a member, please send an e-mail to anu@estban.ee.

  1. In order to join, you need a recommendation from 2 existing EstBAN members.
  2. EstBAN yearly membership fee for a business angel is 350€ and the one-time entrance fee is 100€.


Disclaimer: We would like to emphasize, that startup investing is high-risk investing. No return is guaranteed and there is a risk of losing the invested money. Your investment may increase in book value, but it is illiquid for a very long time and exit may take as long as 12 years. Statistically, the best strategy is to build a portfolio of invested startups (ca 20).

If you would like to get more insight in startup investing, please do not hesitate to ask the EstBAN team or the board or discuss it with experienced angels.

Join EstBAN as a Fund Member!

EstBAN has a separate membership status for VC fund managers who’d like to join the network. You’ll get access to quality deal flow, network of 300+ angel investors with their portfolio startups and plenty of visibility opportunities within the network activities.