Join EstBAN as a Fund Member

EstBAN has a separate membership status for VC fund managers who’d like to join the network. You’ll get access to quality deal flow, network of 250+ angel investors with their portfolio startups and plenty of visibility opportunities within the network activities.

Nordic Secondary Fund_color
Nordic Secondary Fund_color
Benefits for EstBAN Fund Members
  • As a Fund Member you will meet hundreds of potential co-investors, gain access to quality pre-selected deal flow, and be a part of a unicorn mindset startup investor community.
  • Pre-screened deal flow from the nearby region (New Nordics) in Dealum
  • EstBAN pitch events, training sessions, workshops and study trips on the same conditions as angel members.
  • Participating as a speaker at EstBAN events or providing keynotes  on relevant topics
  • Opportunity to send and receive information, offers and access to all EstBAN members and associated partners (250 angel investors)
  • Outlining your Fund in EstBAN website special VC fund members page and also mentionings in EstBAN promotional materials (i.e. homepage, newsletter, social networks)
  • EstBAN will primarily share syndication opportunities with our Fund Members.


    Nordic Secondary Fund

    Nordic Secondary Fund’s investment focus is exclusively on Nordic and Baltic companies, where the founder and key employees are domiciled. All startups have a proven and scalable business model, locally as well as globally.

    Peter Sandberg


    Trind VC

    Trind VC is an industry-agnostic tech fund based in Tallinn, Helsinki and Munich. We join founders based in EU at seed stage and aim to be helpful partners for the long term. We have made about 50 tech investments since 1999 and our entrepreneurial team has lots of "skin in the game".

    Ivar Siimar


    Joel Aasmäe


    Gorilla Ventures

    Gorilla Capital is New Nordics most active pre-seed/ seed investor in technology driven companies. Check out and get in touch!

    Petri Lehmuskoski


    Siena Ventures

    "Siena Secondary Fund is the first 100% secondary deals focused VC fund from the Baltics whose aim is to provide liquidity for early backers (investors, employees, founders) of successful late stage startups from the broader "New Nordics" region. The fund is backed by the founders, early employees and angels of unicorns like Bolt, Wise, Pipedrive, Vinted, Unity, Twilio, etc. Our mission is to help to develop the local ecosystem to the new level so that capital is recycled even faster which again will help to boost the emergence of investments into new startups. Siena Secondary Fund has been operating from the beginning of 2021 and has acquired positions in 5 startups: Bolt, Starship Technologies, Testlio, TransferGo and Kry."

    Lauri Isotamm 


    Rando Rannus


    Yolo Investment

    Yolo Investments is a venture capital, focused on seed- and A-stage investment opportunities across gaming and fintech. Yolo’s mission is to invest in outstanding people with bright ideas, who are focused on innovating and disrupting the norm in all manner of tech startups. Founded in 2017 by Tim Heath as Vereeni Investments, Yolo has created a thriving ecosystem with ventures across a variety of industries, including fintech, gambling, media, software development, crypto and blockchain-related companies.

    Tim Heath


    NestCap Investor

    NestCap invests into established, profitable SMEs with proven business models and long-term value creation focused on three main business areas: industry, services, and trade in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. NestCap targets acquisition of a majority shareholding with an aim to hold long-term, ideally forever. We keep the original founders involved and motivated to benefit from post-acquisition performance by focusing on processes, automation, digitalization, strategic management, and decreasing carbon footprint. Our investors benefit from the high-value growth of companies not publicly listed, amplified by improved access to networking and further scalability, complementary capital and efficiency, along with professional corporate governance. Our values guide our investments and the principles for managing our portfolio.

    Ivo Remmelg


    Change Ventures Fund II

    Change Ventures is the largest Pan-Baltic seed stage investor. We back ambitious Baltic founders all around the world.

    Yrjö Ojasaar


    .Cocoon Ventures

    .Cocoon Ventures invests in outstanding founders interested in self-hacking and looking at entrepreneurship as a way for self-development.

    Aleksander Tõnnisson



    early stage venture capital fund backing the best tech founders across Baltics

    **What’s the ambition?** We will help grow your startup from an idea to a 1B EUR 🦄 worth company.

    **Why us?** We value founders’ time, so we respond fast and give honest feedback. We do not only invest - we build partnerships. We do not only advise - we provide hands-on support. We are the people who give a 💥boost to your team.


    500 Istanbul

    500 Istanbul is a €50M early-stage fund under the broader 500 Global network that invests in the Baltics, Eastern Europe & Turkey. We back seed-stage companies and help them scale globally. Over the past 5 years, we’ve invested in 50 companies, and have several unicorns & soonicorns in the portfolio including Carbon Health, BillionToOne, Insider, Plum & Firefly, who have collectively raised more than $1 billion from top tier funds.

    Arın Özkula


    Kaan Eren


    Tera Ventures

    Tera Ventures is an Estonian VC firm investing in early-stage born-global digital startups. We currently invest out of our 45 MEUR 2nd fund. Our goal is to discover world-class founders tackling big problems and support them on the way to becoming industry leaders. Estonia is our home market, we also invest in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Our HQ is in Tallinn, but our team is in London, Amsterdam, and Helsinki.

    Kristi Kurvits


    Krokodilli Kapital

    Krokodilli Kapitali missiooniks on tagada
    inimese, looduse ja ühiskonna harmooniline kooselu. Panustame inimesele ja keskkonnale kasulikke tehnoloogiaid ja teenuseid arendavatesse ettevõtmistesse, et kindlustada võimekus jätkusuutlikuks eluks ja kohanemiseks muutuvas maailmas.

    Britta-Liisa Ait



    Sunly is a rapidly growing renewable energy company in Baltics & Poland. In conjunction to developing & operating solar and wind, we directly invest in pre-seed & seed electrification startups. By investing in startups in sectors that we understand – renewable energy, storage, battery technology & smart city applications we are not afraid to back ambitious founders even in hardware-led startups. Our HQ is in Tallinn, but our team is in Krakow, Riga and Vilnius allowing for a broad support base on top of the early investment.

    Rasmus Udde


    Orion Ventures

    Orion Ventures is a Lithuanian VC company investing in early and seed stage startups. It was established as an employee fund by investment banking firm Orion Securities in 2021. When evaluating start-ups, the team of Orion Ventures draws on their experience in corporate finance and investing, which has accumulated over nearly 30 years of operations. The experienced team thoroughly evaluates all financial indicators and takes the time to analyse the market and dig deep into the start-up’s plans. They are looking for ambitious teams and companies with strong background in technology to invest in and work with.

    Matas Jakubėlis


    Longe VC

    LongeVC is an international venture capital firm with an HQ in Latvia, investing in visionary biotech companies and founders. Focusing on seed and early-stage investment, our mission is to bring to market breakthrough biotech that will change lives and transform the nature of our health.