4NGELS is funded by the European Union with the goal of connecting business angels from different European countries. We have brought together partners from four countries: Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Poland. Together we have created a programme to exchange knowledge and experience about investing into startups by business angels. Business angels are an essential part of the growth of the startup ecosystem and actively support startups in their countries. It is time to explore their potential in cross-border transactions.

Explore 4NGELS and join the programme to learn more about cross-border investing, meet business angels from other countries and get the best experience from the practitioners in the startup market. Participation is free, seize your chance!

The programme is also designed for startups who want to learn more about how to work with business angels internationally.



4NGELS is made up of:

EstBAN (Estonia)
FiBAN (Finland)
Cobin Angels (Poland)
Business Angels of Slovenia (Slovenia)

The project is coordinated by Civitta, originating from Estonia.

We have joined our experience and cross-border investment potential to give you the opportunity to participate in international deals. Together we form a network of over a thousand business angels who have invested over €500m in more than 7,000 startups. Now you too can become part of this European investment community.


500M €


If you are a business angel, you can take advantage of the international training, experience sharing sessions, investor coaching and cross-border investment materials available.
We also invite startup representatives to participate in dedicated coaching sessions and the best of them also to present at cross-border pitching events.

The program will begin in early 2023 and consists of 4 cross-border batches over two years. Each batch will focus on one of 4 markets at a time. You can join all half-year’ training batches or the ones you are the most interested in.

Joining the program is free of charge and does not come with any obligations. If you want to join the study trips and startup events, please note that the tickets are at your expense. We will inform you of further updates regarding the timeline and the program.

Spring 2023 focus on Estonia
Autumn 2023 focus on Finland
Spring 2024 focus on Slovenia
Autumn 2024 focus on Poland




  • Gain knowledge on what to consider when making a cross-border investment.
    4NGELS activities will focus on identifying and proposing practical solutions to eliminate obstacles to cross-border angel investments, increase investors’ knowledge and bring education about foreign markets.
  • Build your cross-border networks and deal flow.
    Together we form a network of over a thousand business angels who have invested over €500m in more than 7,000 startups.
  • Study trips to Estonia, Finland, Slovenia, and Poland.
    The program will run in a hybrid form and include study trips to four countries, as well as meetings and events in each of the countries.
  • This Autumn, we will focus on Finland, which has emerged as one of the hottest startup hubs in the world! Join the program to attend our curated training program, build your international connections, and invest together with experienced lead investors Kim Väisänen and Esa Kinnunen.


  • September 6th, 10:00-11:00 (GMT+3)
    Helsinki and online
    Kickoff webinar: How cross-border investing helps investors and startups
  • September 26th, 14:00-16:0 (GMT+3)
    Helsinki and online
    Training module I: Strategic thinking for startups and investors – Setting an investment and fundraising strategy
  • October 12th, 14:00-16:00 (GMT+3) Training module II: Mastering the metrics, valuation and negotiations
  • October 24th, 14:00-16:00 (GMT+3)
    Training module III: Crucial contracts and cross-border legals
  • November 7th, 14:00-16:00 (GMT+2)
    Startups pitching & module IV:
    Perforiming Due -diligence- How to spot the dealbreakers?
  • November 28th-29th
    Finland Study trip:
    Investing in the happiest country in the world

The startup application period is now open!

  • FiBAN, EstBAN, Business Angels Slovenia, and COBIN Angels are calling for startups with a growth mindset to join the 4NGELS training program starting in late September!

    This is also an excellent opportunity to get an investment from a group of international angel investors led by Finland’s top angels.


⚡️8 weeks of free high-quality training from the leading investors in Nordics

⚡Cross-border networks from investors and fellow startup founders

⚡Access to be in the pipeline for the next syndicate led by two experienced lead investors Kim Väisänen and Esa Kinnunen.


Startups that:

✔️ are raising funding.

✔️ have a committed team, traction and revenue, and a connection to the Nordic-Baltic region.

✔️ have growth potential.

Act fast – Only 15 startups get selected! The deadline for applications is on September 10, 2023.

Selected startups will be notified on the 22nd of September.


  • Apply to the program for practical knowledge and training to increase investment readiness.


    Our comprehensive curriculum is designed with feedback from experts in the industry and leading investors.

  • The opportunity to raise cross-border syndicated investment.

    The program will also allow startups and investors to work together in groups.


Apply for:

– Online knowledge-sharing sessions with investors to hear what investors are looking for!

– Pitching, practical training sessions 

Potential funding by the international angels

–Meetings with cross-border investors  

– Chance to participate in coffee-mornings on relevant topics alongside the investors.


4ANGELS project partners //

EstBAN from Estonia
FiBAN from Finland
BAS from Slovenia
COBIN Angels from Poland
and coordinator:

CIVITTA from Estonia

Partner’s address information:
COBIN Angels
Chmielna 73
00-801 Warszawa
Cambridge Innovation Center Warsaw
Email us at: