Ready to apply for investment?

Simple procedure:

  1. Fill in the application via the link provided above. Be sure to provide as accurate data as possible. 
  2. We will review your application within 1 week and provide you initial feedback on the quality of the application (at this stage we do not rate the substance, but rather estimate whether all necessary data is provided)
  3. Our pre-screening team gathers once a month to rate the projects and depending on their quality decide whether to invite you to pitch at our pitching event or to recommend you to work with one of our partners on preparing for the pitch. 
  4. Once you are invited to pitch, our investors will give you feedback to the product/service you are building.
  5. If there are investors that are interested in potentially investing in your company, they will continue discussions with you and conduct due diligence to your company. 
  6. Ideally the process ends with a term sheet followed by the investment to your company. 

How to succeed?

  • Make an effort to fill in the application profile. This is the first impression
  • Keep your business summary short and simple. Explain why you are the best and how you will conquer the world (or your local domain if that is the case). 
  • Team – we are people persons. So we tend to invest in people rather than ideas. Show us what you have done before and who you work with. 
  • Roadmap and financials –  show us your key milestones, what you need the extra funding for and what are your planned revenues