Refreshing alliance with LitBAN

8 September, 2023

In Early September the investors and startups in the Baltics are welcome in Vilnius to attend Investor Camp and Startup Day.

As EstBAN is working close by Lithuanian angels virtually, it was time to make this happen in reality.  So prior to Startup Fair and Investor Camp in Vilnius, we put together a little Networking Night which turned out to be more popular than we could have ever anticipated. There was a massive turnout at the rooftop cafe in central Vilnius with new connections to be made in a relaxed atmosphere. The angel investors from EstBAN and LitBAN took the night off to mingle, get to know each other and joke around before hitting the Investor Camp the next day. 

Hopefully even more deals get across the borders as a result of the trust and connections built and the networks can benefit from the international synergy and expertise from both Estonian and Lithuanian angels.