Nordic Angel Program batch 3 investors joined by NAP2 investors

13 May, 2019

Latitude59, the largest startup festival is this week, from May 16-17 and May 15 focused on investor relations. Our Nordic Angel Program by EstBAN cycle 3 is reaching its end on the last day of the festival with the announcement of the NAP3 winner. 

The funnel, that started with more than 100 startups, was reduced to 82 companies that went on to screening and the TOP13 were invited to pitch for the investors. With a few days to spare, the selection process has been turbulent and investors have had to act fast. In addition the Nordic Angel Program’s batch 2 investors have joined in to find the ideal startup to add to their portfolio. 

Nordic Angel Program by EstBAN batch 3 has selected the TOP4 companies from more than 100 applicants to pitch on the stage of Latitude59 on May 17. 
The companies, in no particular order are:
Video CVZelos Team ManagementSEA RADAR and Yaga. 

The companies are all very different and require a lot of different type of attention during the due diligence process. Madis Müür, Priit Rohumaa are joined by the NAP2 Lead Investor Rando Rannus to conduct due diligence for the TOP4 and presented the findings to the rest of the group on May 9th. With the time pressing on to make a selection or selections by Latitude59, the groups tackled the due diligence learnings and have to select their favorite(s) by the Monday evening, the 13th

So which one will get the investment? Will there be more than one? Join us on Friday, May 17th starting from 3.30PM at the Blue Stage of Latitude59 and find out.

Read more about Nordic Angel Program here, and see, whether you can join the Finnish, Danish or Norwegian program in addition to Estonian group. 

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The program is powered by EU’s Horizon2020 and coordinated by Civitta and NordicBAN.