EstBAN angels invested €9.28M in 2019

17 March, 2020

From 2012 EstBAN has grown exponentially and by the end of 2019 the network has increased to 147 members, a 15% growth compared to 2018, who invested a total of €9.28 million as angel investors in over 240 deals.

Every year we collect the investment data from our members and each year we try to make the data more compact, reasonable and usable as well as comparable to previous year’s. 
This year we limited the questions and information we were after and received feedback from 85 of our members who have made at least 1 investment per year.

All in all EstBAN investors invested more than €71M euros into startups through funds, family offices or angel syndicates and still the most preferable stage of startups to invest into, are seed and early stages. 

The number of angels increases annually – 15% compared to 2018, and we aim to educate and bring even more angels together to increase the value of angel investments in the regional startup ecosystem. We continuously work together with corporates, incubators, accelerators and other players in the community to bring out the most from the gifted and creative business minded people operating in Estonia.

Our angels and board members mentor and advise companies in incubators, work closely and invest together with the VCs and participate in the work groups to improve the Estonian legislation to enable easier and faster investment processes. 

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For a more comprehensive overview of the annual data, please check here or download here.