The number of EstBAN members reached 230: meet new faces

29 September, 2021

During summer we had a short break introducing to you new EstBAN members, which does not mean that our members’ number has not grown. We warmly welcome new investors to our community. Here is a sneak peek of what they are doing professionally as well as what was the reason why they chose to become EstBAN members. 

Valter Võhma is an attorney-at-law at Triniti law firm. He wanted to become a member of EstBAN to start investing in startups and learn from the experiences of fellow EstBAN members. As a lawyer specialized in advising startups and venture capital deals, he can provide legal support and related insights.

Heiki Kübbar is co-founder of Icefire. He would like to learn the art of angel investment from more experienced fellow members. His main ”give” to the network would be participating in co-investments and sharing the (mostly unsuccessful) experiences he had so far from the other side of the table, as well as his 20+ overall experience in the IT industry. 

Rodion Salnik is a tech mentor and co-founder and CEO of Brocoders. For him, joining EstBAN is a great chance to be part of a network, where he can learn, meet great people, and invest. His technical background and experience of building quite a big technical team and developing products can be helpful for startups and for the evaluation process. 

Riina Palu is a business consultant in cross-border solutions in maritime and logistics. Noticing familiar faces gave her a kick to join. She has always been in search of innovative ideas and bright people and believes EstBAN has a great concentration of both. Currently, she is searching for quantum technologies and wave energy-related projects. Riina works daily with Latvian and Lithuanian businesses and administrations and is currently taking her Ph.D. in Finland on innovation and change management in maritime. Her contribution would be in BD and digitalization in international environments.  

Ignar Valme is head of the data analysis service at the Centre of Registers and Information Systems. Ignar has understood that people working together can achieve better and bigger things. Being part of the EstBAN network he believes will help him learn faster. He would love to contribute from a database (mostly technical) point of view, as well as managing x-road information systems.

Randy Padar is co-founder of He has decided to become an EstBAN member because he believes a person’s environment is 20 times stronger than his will so he is more than happy to join ambitious and inspiring people. EstBAN has been a great role model on how investor communities should work. Randy is 23, but he has been investing for 7 years, has done seminars and workshops about financial literacy for more than 4000 young people and on top of that, he has founder’s experience on several companies. 

Jana Budkovskaja is CEO at Protrotron. For Jana, being an EstBAN member opens doors for networking, acquiring financial and business knowledge for more fruitful investment but also overall supporting and mentoring of the startups in her daily job. As every new member in the community, she brings specific experience and knowledge to support the growth and development of our business angels’ network and startup community. 

Margus Kokk is an equity trader, start-up investing has interested him for a long time. Margus has the know-how from 20+ years of trading all kinds of financial instruments on all kinds of different markets – commodities, bonds, futures, cryptocurrencies, etc. He is looking forward to discovering how this knowledge can be made accessible to EstBAN members and leveraged in the EstBAN network. 

Among newcomers are also: Raimond Russak, Sandra Reivik, Marat Kasparov, Andri Talts, Tim Vaino, Andres Valdmann, Gert Jostov, Taivo Tahk, Madis Abel, Kristi Põldsam.

If you know someone, who might be interested in joining EstBAN, share the link about member benefits.