The 3c model for lead angels by Selma Prodanovic


1 Nov, 2021

Leading a syndicate is much more than managing the “technical” part of the funding round. In the September New Nordic Leads training for angel investors, Selma Prodanovic, the Vice president of EBAN and 21st-century leadership expert, highlighted the “3c model” for lead angels.

3c leadership model for lead angels: Communicate – Connect – Create


Clear and efficient communication is the key building block for a successful and well-managed syndicate of investors. To communicate effectively between parties, be authentic, set clear expectations, and use a communications strategy that works for you.

“Being the lead investor means not only that you lead in terms of due diligence, term sheet, or reporting, but it’s also making sure that the communication between the startup and the co-investors is controlled, structured, and you set the rules as a lead investor together with the founders.”, says Selma.


The second C is all about connecting the right people, be it co-investors, clients and partners, or potential next-round investors. It’s also about being the champion of the startup and tapping into the networks to create opportunities to benefit the startup:
“Connect with co-investors and founders that share the same values as you do. Create your networks and use them to support your portfolio startups’ growth.” says Selma.


Last but not least, the 3C model of leadership is about the art of creating value across your portfolio and investing in solutions that help in creating a world you’d like to live in.

“By deciding which startup you invest in, you make a difference. If you invest in a product or service that is solving a real problem, you will directly contribute and be part of the solution. And enabling solutions to the grand challenges of our time is the most exciting part of being a business angel.”

You can connect with Selma on Linkedin.

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New Nordic Leads creates cross-border opportunities by sharing best practices, educating lead angels, and improving startups’ investment readiness. The project is put together by FiBAN and EstBAN and is fueled by Central Baltic Interreg.

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