New members of EstBAN

28 October, 2020
We would like to introduce new EstBAN members and warmly welcome to our investor community. Here is a sneak peak of what they are doing professionally as well as what was the reason why they chose to become EstBAN members.

Kees Quist  is an investor and startup scout. He is a part of  RWC5 in Netherlands, with over 20 years’  experience in running a global business and building many businesses from the ground up. In addition he is an online Pre-Accelator Mentor at Startup Wise Guys, where he is mentoring, guiding and coaching very early stage startups.

Kees himself says that RWC5 has been in contact with many Estonian startups already and from talks with them Kees learned that EstBAN is “where the magic happens”. Startups spoke highly of the skills and knowledge of the EstBAN angel investors. He is hoping to get an early access to promising deal flow and is hoping to syndicate with its professional business angels. According to Kees, EstBAN members and community are always very welcome to tap into his vast fintech experience for matters related to payment processing, KYC, fraud protection, big data analysis, machine learning, etc.

Erik Raudsepp is the Head of Product at Pactum and helps global companies to automatically offer personalized, commercial negotiations on a massive scale. Erik is based in the US, near Denver region and with a background in software engineering, engineering management and sales, he can help with his professional experience and also share his diverse US network.

Erik was involved in the technical due diligence for Latitude59 pitching competition and participated in the syndicate for Adact. He admits that recently met the team of Jeff App and found out that EstBAN had already invested in them. After that he thought that he would not miss another round and it’s about time for him to put in an official application to become an EstBAN member.

Egle Raadik is the E-Turunduspartner founder, the owner of multiple Amazon brands and doing international sales of company’s product lines on the world’s largest e-commerce platform Amazon.

Egle herself says that belonging to an angel investment community fits perfectly with what she is doing right now in her own company – searching and nurturing future “unicorns” but with a little twist – they do it in the everyday consumer product world. Her company makes existing products better and markets them around the globe in the largest online English-speaking marketplace Amazon. Egle loves the complexity of that and the startup world and she is very privileged to belong to EstBAN.

Egle can be helpful in e-commerce, neuroscience marketing, and the 3-second decision-making world. Her passion is to help more Estonian companies to the worldwide business and also to encourage female entrepreneurship.

Randu Riiberg is an attorney-at-law and advisor, he has 20 years’ experience as a legal advisor and management consultant of clients in numerous sectors having in depth experience in various matters. He can help with M&A – full transactional support to a number of large scale deals, including strategies for negotiations, participating at the negotiations, deal structuring and document drafting. Also, he has been leading and advising a number of start-up deals since 2012. Randu will also be one of the lead investors in EstBAN sTARTUp Day 2021 syndicate.

If you feel that you want to chat with them, do not hesitate to connect with them through LinkedIN or Slack.

If you are interested in joining EstBAN, read more about member benefits HERE.