Welcoming fresh EstBAN members

17 February, 2023

2022 was very active for EstBAN regarding events and planning future activities. There are more than 280 members in EstBAN, including individuals, fund members and partners. We were happy to have more than 30 new angels join the network in 2022. 

Here is a long overdue sneak peek of our new members in a non-chronological order, what they are doing professionally as well as behind the reason to become an EstBAN member.

Ülo Kallas has over 20 year experience in the financial sector, including financial markets, bond origination, syndicated loans, property and private equity investment analysis and execution. He is the long standing CFO of Colonna Capital 
Marti Soosaar is a founder of Stebby (formerly known as Sport ID) and a founder at FitQ Studio. Marti’s wish is to make the world more active and healthy and is interested in startups with the same goal.
Tom Parling (UK) – residing in UK, Tom has a background in digital marketing and is investing as an angel and is a member of several funds and syndicates primarily in the UK. He has knowledge in SEO, marketing, and has a vast network of investors in the UK. Typically targeting UK companies but with global ambition / demand.
Cyril Claire (FR) is a French native, experienced in digital marketing with the background in both early stage startup development and seed/series A funding in angel networks in the US and UK. He is more than happy to help startups along with relevant know-how and advice.
Evelin Org  believes in putting your knowledge into practice. Her day to day work has been so far related to growth hacking through digital marketing, branding, and sales. She can relate to the pains and gains of the founders as also the impact they can have solving big problems. Evelin is a big believer in diversity and can bring a different point of view to EstBAN’s community. 
Carri Ginter has invested 22 years of his professional career into growing prosperity in Estonia and our region. Joining EstBAN is the next step to promoting entrepreneurial thinking and development right here at home. Carri’s legal practice is cross-border, and my team works seamlessly across borders in the Baltics. So he has feet on the ground where it matters.
René Laane is the co-founder of the health company Fitlap and been a passive investor, given his knowledge to others through mentoring in EAS and ENTRUM  programs as well as in Tartu business advisory. In recent years, he’s increasingly felt the desire to contribute to the development of promising startups. Hence joining EstBAN just made sense. 
Olga Luštšik – Has extensive knowledge in product management optimisation in financial sector digital products.
Brooks Newsmark (UK) is a former member of the UK parliament and has long time experience in angel investing internationally. 
Tõnu Esko is a venture partner and science advisor in SPecialict VC and is experienced Senior Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry, especially health related advancements.  Strong research professional with a PhD focused in Human Genetics from Tartu Ülikool and postdoctoral training from leading Boston Children’s Hospital and Broad Institute. 

Also newcomers include Ott Jalakas, Riho Kruuv, Mihkel Sims, Glen Madis, Cyril Golub, Aivar Põdra, Sven Kotkas, Igor Mölder, Sven Sabas, Madis Avi, Triin Kask, Sven Illing, Sten Luiga, Priit Puskar, Kamel Belkadhi, Victor Bodin

If you know someone, who might be interested in joining EstBAN, share the link about member benefits.