FiBAN new annual award: EstBAN awarded as the Sister BAN of the Year

31 March, 2021

For close to a decade FiBAN has awarded The Finnish Business Angel of the Year and The Finnish Business Angel Exit of the Year. This spring, they introduced two new annual award categories: Sister BAN and Guardian Angel of the year.

A successful angel network requires support from others to fly: both, other angel networks and the ecosystem in general play a key role. This was the reasoning behind our new awards categories. Sister BAN of the Year will be presented annually to another angel network with whom we have worked closely and whose support has been invaluable to us during the year. Guardian Angel of the year will be awarded to an ecosystem champion who with their work has helped create an environment where angel investing can better thrive.

The first-ever sister BAN award is given to Estonian Business Angels Network (EstBAN), and the Guardian Angel of the Year is given to two initiatives enhancing the atmosphere for angel investing: the new professorship in ownership as well as the work of Steering Group for Domestic Ownership.

“Over the years, our deepest cooperation out of all other angel networks has been with EstBAN. Thus, as FiBAN is awarding this prize for the first time in its 10-year history, it is only natural that Sister BAN’s award goes to our dear colleagues in Estonia”, tells Reima Linnanvirta, Chair of FiBAN Board and a representative of the awards committee, and continues:

“Ownership is in the very essence of angel investing. The professorship in ownership in Aalto University is unique in the world and is an important step for wider recognition of the significance of ownership in Finnish society. This significance was also highlighted in the work of the Steering Group for Domestic Ownership. Recognition of the significance of ownership is important for us angel owners. Thus, FiBAN wishes to underline this importance with the Guardian Angel of the year award.”

Anu Oks, Managing Director of EstBAN celebrates the recognition: “We feel like EstBAN has an extended team across the gulf. FiBAN team and the board have been supporting EstBAN from very early days and the collaboration has developed into strong friendship and team-spirit. We really hope that we could unite EstBAN and FiBAN angel networks even tighter and see the cross-gulf investments flourishing in upcoming years.”