EstBAN to host EBAN congress in 2024

31 May, 2023

Last week 300 international angels gathered in sunny Thessaloniki at the EBAN Congress.

EBAN congress is one of European Business Angels Network’s flagship events. It is hosted in a different city each year to spotlight a fast-growing startup and investment ecosystem and connect it with the rest of the world. The 2023 edition took place in Thessaloniki, Greece and hosted hundreds of investors, startup founders, and innovation stakeholders. The three-day conference on 24-26 May was organised to accelerate further the development of entrepreneurship and private investment in Greece and the broader South East Europe region. The official partners were Enterprise Greece and InvestEU Portal alongside HeBAN.

The EBAN Congress has truly set a new standard for excellence in the world of entrepreneurship and investment, and it has been an absolute pleasure to witness the outstanding achievements of this year’s gathering.

Thessaloniki served as an exceptional host city, providing a captivating backdrop for this prestigious event. The vibrant atmosphere, rich history, and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit of Thessaloniki undoubtedly added an extra touch of magic to the congress, leaving an indelible impression on all who attended.

HEBAN’s unwavering dedication and commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial growth are truly commendable. By bringing together a diverse range of experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, HEBAN has created an unparalleled platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration. The EBAN Congress has become a catalyst for forging meaningful connections, sparking groundbreaking ideas, and propelling the entrepreneurial ecosystem to new heights.

After days of intense networking and mingling among the European angel network representatives, hearing the pitches of startups and making new acquaintances, it was made official. Next year, in Spring 2024, EstBAN has the honor of organising the next EBAN congress in Tallinn! This means hundreds of angel investors from all the European countries, quality content and an opportunity to showcase the best of the best in our small but productive digitally advanced country of unicorns.

Next season is certainly going to be busy for the EstBAN team!