EstBAN 2021 Annual General Meeting and awards time!


11 Mar, 2022

Every year EstBAN angels gather in a semiformal setting for the Annual General Meeting. Last year it was fully online, but thankfully this time we were fortunate to make the meet-up face to face. Club of Different Rooms hosted approximately 50 angels on the spot and the same or more via online to meet-n-greet after a long time, welcome new members as well as give out awards to the most notable angels and partners.

General Meeting

As each year, EstBAN’s members got together to share news, make decisions and select a new board, talk about the upcoming plans and events and gather some feedback. Tõnu Mertsina from Swedbank joined in to share the prognosis of Russian-Ukranian war’s impact to the local economy.  The investment data collected from our members was shown, which wowed everyone in it’s glory. EstBAN’s new branding was revealed (did you see our new logo?), the current and future plans for EstBAN network was discussed, study trips planned, goals listed and much more. The General Meeting also appointed 2 new board members – Jan Lätt and Mait Sooaru, so looking forward to what they’d be bringing to the board. Welcome!

Award ceremony

And last but not least the annual awards were given out to celebrate our fantastic members – private persons and organisations – for all their efforts and activities in the community.

Newcomer of the year award went to Tarmo Kivi, who joined EstBAN just last year.
Partner of the year 2021 is Workland whose team’s readiness to cooperate to bring the most value to the customers and the community deserves to be highlighted.
Impactful Exit of the Year award was given to Wise for their substantial work to reduce hidden fees in the payments sector.
Lead Investor of 2021 is the President Emeritus Ivo Remmelg, who has led so many rounds that it’s difficult to count, as well as been the pillar of trust for all the angels participating in EstBAN syndicates throughout the past years.
The Best Performing Syndicate 2021 was awarded to Fractory, whose history with EstBAN angels began in 2019 at Nordic Angel Program.
Investor of the Year award went to Ahti Puur, who did not see it coming! This recognition going to the person who is giving back to the community and startups more than he even realises.
EstBAN Ecosystem Award went to Martin Villig for his impactful actions towards increasing the availability for good education in Estonia.

Thank you everyone for coming and to all the whopping amount of 250 EstBAN members and partners! Lets continue to strive for a more impactful, cohesive network and more welcoming startup community for all founders and angel investors!

Photos by Edmond Mäll

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