EstBAN’s new managing board for 2020

31 March, 2020

In March, Estonian Business Angels Network’s Annual General Meeting of 2020 the new managing board was appointed to serve max of 2 years in a row.

Each year EstBAN members come together and in addition to discussing accomplishments of the past and plans for the new year, the new management board is selected. The members are set to serve in the board for 2 consecutive years and half of the the board members changes each year to allow new ideas and views to emerge. 

The new board combines experience from a variety of sectors – finance, energy, marketing, creative industry, crowdfunding, hardware, gaming and much more!From March 2020, the new members of the board are (left to right on the photo)

who will join 

for their last year of serving on the board. See a more detailed introduction of the board here
Congratulations to all new members and looking forward to fresh initiatives, ideas and actions by the newly appointed board!