Esgrid won the sTARTUp Pitching 2024 competition

26 January, 2024

After fierce competition, the winners of sTARTUp Pitching 2024 have been announced. Altogether, 322 startups entered the race. EstBAN awarded a syndicate of €200k to Esgrid, Baltic Sandbox Ventures gave out a €125k investment to Wayren and .Contriber Ventures a €100k syndicate investment to eID Easy.

The Estonian Business Angels Network (EstBAN) awarded their syndicated investment of up to €200k to Esgrid, a provider of ESG data infrastructure for sustainable procurement and finance. “Our investment goes to a startup that has an outstanding team and that resonates most with EstBAN’s mission to support new companies that have just started out,” said the syndicate lead investor Jan Lätt.

Esgrid helps enterprises and banks manage value chain ESG impact from the bottom up by unlocking easy-to-use sustainability tools for value chain SMEs. Their target is to become the leading ESG data infrastructure for sustainable procurement and finance. Esgrid Technologies OÜ is presented by strong team of Ott Ilves, Katrin Isotamm, Oksana Tolmatshova and Jevgeni Bogatyrjov.

The up to €125k investment from Baltic Sandbox Ventures went to Wayren, which develops a next generation communication platform for rapidly deploying mission-critical networks. “Wayren’s technology is extremely valuable in mission-critical conditions. The team has strong competencies and a commitment to operational excellence, we’ve seen their progress before and leading up to sTARTUp Day, and look forward to supporting them on their growth journey,” said Sandra Golbreich, General Partner at Baltic Sandbox Ventures.

.Contriber Ventures awarded a €100k syndicate investment to eID Easy, an identity-based electronic signature and digital identity marketplace to combat fraud and increase security. “The team’s values match ours and we see the potential for an early exit in one to three years,” said Aleksander Tõnnisson, Founding Partner of .Contriber Ventures. “Their technology can be easily sold already today as it is, and it’s clear that the world needs such a system!” he added.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who made the competition a success! See you at sTARTUp Pitching 2025!