Angel training program 4ngels is inviting investors to Slovenia

2 April, 2024
Angel Investment trainings

Those of you who already know – the international 4NGELS progam is this spring focusing on Slovenia and you are welcome to join the trainings and study trip to explore Slovenian investment opportunities. Those of you who have just jumped on board, it’s important to know that through the 4NGELS program, we share experience and knowledge about investment opportunities in four countries – Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Poland. Estonian and Finnish batches have already been finished and we are now in Slovenia. Next up is getting to know Poland investment ecosystem.

4angels is made up of:

– EstBAN (Estonia)
– FiBAN (Finland)
– Cobin Angels (Poland)
– Business Angels of Slovenia (Slovenia)

The program begun in early 2023 and consists of 4 cross-border batches over two years. Each batch focuses on one of 4 markets at a time. You can join all half-year’ training batches or the ones you are the most interested in.

Joining the program is free of charge and does not come with any obligations. If you want to join the study trips and startup events, please note that the tickets are at your expense. We will inform you of further updates regarding the timeline and the program. You can attend international meetings of business angels and top experts. Meet investors, share knowledge and learn new skills. You are welcome to take part in activities either onsite or remotely. Sign up and keep up to date with our events by using our newsletter to let us know about upcoming events for you.


Angel trainings this spring

2.4.2024, online
Angel Training I: Decision making, deal flow access, evaluation, DD

10.4.2024, online
Angel Training II – AI in investing

24.4.2024, online
Angel Training III – Legal + Taxes
6.5.2024, online
Angel Training IV – What happens after the investment? & top 4ngels startups pitching


Startup trainings this spring

28.3.2024, online
Startup Training I – Product market fit

11.4.2024, online
Startup Training II – Investment Readiness, How to structure a deal: Long term strategic plan for fundraising, Legal + Negotiations

25.4.2024, online
Startup Training III – How to pitch for the win

6.5.2024, online
top 4ngels startups pitching to investors


Study trip to Slovenia

13.- 16.5.2024, STUDY TRIP to Slovenia.