4NGELS angel training program is starting

9 February, 2023

After months of planning, the collaboration between the business angel networks in the region is starting yet again.  4NGELS is a cross border training and investment programme for business angels launching this Spring. It has been brought to life by Estonian, Finnish, Polish and Slovenian Angel networks to increase the knowledge and competence on cross-border investing. 

€500m invested into 7000 startups by 4 angel networks

We have joined our experience and cross-border investment potential to give you the opportunity to participate in international deals. Together we form a network of over a thousand business angels who have invested over €500m in more than 7,000 startups. Through the 4NGELS programme, we want to share our experience and knowledge with you so that you learn about investment opportunities in all those four countries.

The project’s activities will focus on identifying and proposing practical solutions to eliminate obstacles for cross-border angel investments, increase investors’ knowledge and bring education about foreign markets. Various activities will serve investors to exchange experiences, network with each other, and transfer knowledge among participants. Investors will also have a chance to acquire international deal flow and co-invest with other participants. In addition, 4NGELS will include startups’ participation in training and pitching events, preparing them for international funding rounds with business angels. 

Opportunity for the startups

Every startup needs access to the right resources, people, and advice to succeed. 4NGELS offers the opportunity to receive cross-border syndicated investment and education training, with one you’ll get access to the tools and insights that will help you thrive. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed with feedback from experts in the industry and leading investors. Our program helps startups launch faster and increase their chances of success with investors during the local flagship events. Sign up today and take the first step.

The startup training sessions are combined with the L59 Pitch Competition 2023. TOP40 companies from the applicants will get 4NGELS Pitch Training, TOP10 startups will get very practical DueDiligence and the term sheet training! The training sessions are designed to provide practical knowledge to the companies to increase their investment readiness and to allow startups and investors to work together in group. Sign up for 4NGELS here to get invitations to the events and be directed to L59 Startup Conference startup applications. Only best startups will be accepted to the programme.

Read more about the project here and apply to the training program by March 31.