UPLEGAL Law Office and EstBAN started cooperation

25 November, 2020
We are happy to announce that at the beginning of November EstBAN signed a cooperation agreement with UPLEGAL law firm. UPLEGAL Law Office was founded on 2019 by Attorneys-at-Law Maria Klaos and Lennart Oja.

Aim of EstBAN and UPLEGAL cooperation is to support and ensure legal advice in all legal matters relevant to the start-up company, founders, and investors on every step and in all investment stages. UPLEGAL advises from founding of the company until exit from the investment. Both on international and local level. 

Transaction values in their experience portfolio range from tens of thousands of euros up to tens of millions of euros, including the largest deals in recent years (over 100M euros). UPLEGAL attorneys have advised both young start-up founders to help them to begin, investors and VC investors.

With the background of working over 10 years and leading projects in large global law firm, they have lately started their own law firm just like start-up founders. Therefore, they perfectly understand what it means to start a business and they are fully dedicated to assist their clients with the care and accuracy as it was their own business. 

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