The winners of sTARTUp Pitching 2023 have been announced!

17 March, 2023

Altogether 271 teams started this year’s sTARTUp Pitching competition. After a fierce competition, the winners of sTARTUp Pitching 2023 have been announced. EstBAN awarded a syndicate of €200k to Paul-Tech, Baltic Sandbox Ventures gave out a €125k investment to Gearbox Biosciences and .Cocoon Ventures a €100k syndicate investment to MX Labs.

EstBAN selected their syndicated investment, led by Mait Sooaru and Martin Goroško, to go to Paul-Tech, a startup developing a soil station that lets farmers monitor plant growth conditions in real time. “Paul-Tech’s technology is based on year’s long work of Estonian researchers, allowing a traditional sector to benefit from the latest innovations. According to our knowledge, their technology is unique in the world. The EstBAN-led syndicate investment will power the company’s expansion to the UK and Swedish market,” said the lead investor Mait Sooaru.

The €125k investment from Baltic Sandbox Ventures went to the biotech startup Gearbox Biosciences, which provides a novel antibiotic-free and growth-decoupled protein production technology. “Gearbox Biosciences has a solid scientific team, which perfectly fits our investment target. They are solving a real-world problem in the protein production. We strongly believe that this team will make the change in the market.” Sandra Golbreich, General Partner at Baltic Sandbox Ventures.

.Cocoon Ventures awarded a €100k syndicate investment to MX Labs. “Their camera-based technology allows accurate measurement of a person’s heart rate with a smartphone or computer camera, potentially helping the medical community to diagnose both physical and mental health issues in the future. The company’s team is well-aligned with our values, being genuinely interested in personal development through the development of the company,” said Aleksander Tõnnisson, Founding Partner of .Cocoon Ventures.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who made the competition a success! See you at sTARTUp Pitching 2024!