Estonian Startup ecosystem x Berlin 2019

10 July, 2019

Community builders, coworking space, VC representatives and other key players from Estonian startup ecosystem travelled to the capital of Germany for a community study trip.

Most, if not all Estonian startup ecosystem builders and supporters spent the beginning of July in Berlin at Tech Open Air festival and getting warm introductions to the local startup ecosystem. We visited The PlaceAPX AcceleratorPoint Nine Capital and a few others in the startup capital of Germany that contribute to the local buzzing entrepreneurship vibe, support the freelancers, startups and other starting businesses, got to witness local companies pitch for an investment, hear great performers calling for maintaining mental balance and met new and promising companies looking for contacts in the Baltics. 
Estonian Embassy in Berlin offered a chance to introduce our ecosystem partners to the locals and facilitated the possibility of international cooperation. 

Also we got to know each other a bit better and let the mind flow to find more ways to bind our own ecosystem, offer startups more growth support and bring innovative ways of thinking to Estonia. 
All in all the group of 20+ people spent a fabulous few days in Berlin, and we’re very thankful to all the soon-to-be partners, co-thinkers and Startup Estonia for bringing it together! 🙂