NAP3 announces 2x €225 000 investments to Zelos and VideoCV!

20 May, 2019

After 3 months, 100+ applications, TOP13 pitch and TOP4 on the stage of Latitude59, Nordic Angel Program batch 3 was joined by the investors of NAP2 and after a thorough due diligence by the Lead Investors Rando Rannus and Madis Müür selected the best startups to receive a €225K investment each.

NAP3 and NAP2 participating investors teamed up to select the most suitable investment candidates from the NAP3 companies, or rather the TOP4 that had been pre-selected by the NAP3 investors.  More than 70 angels composed 2 syndicates and chose VideoCV and Zelos as the investment targets.

Zelos team management app helps to manage volunteers during large events and is a graduate of the recent Startup Wise Guys acceleration program.
VideoCV is a recruitment platform that’s refining the hiring process to attract highly sought after talent in the market by connecting the applicants to hiring companies via video screening. VideoCV has spent time in Starta Accelerator in New York City. 

We’re taking a summer break soon, but until then – we are very excited for the winners! Go fly and do great things!

The program is powered by EU’s Horizon2020 and coordinated by Civitta and NordicBAN.