Manufacturing technology and automation platform Fractory has announced Manchester for its first international office.

After an extensive 4-month manufacturer onboarding and vetting process, Fractory will now offer its full suite of services across the UK. Starting this month, customers will be able to better connect with manufacturers, making the production process easier, less costly, and more transparent.

In the beginning of the month, Estonian Business Angels Network gathered for the annual meeting to overview the investment data from 2018, select a new board and plan the upcoming year of 2019. 
Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is building on its 2018 achievements that saw 8 angel training and investment programs in four countries attended by 237 investors. 1,5 million euros were invested into eight companies picked from an initial application pool of 922 startups that were processed through a pre-selection funnel to identify the most promising ventures. 18% of the participating angels joined programs in countries different from their own.
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