Nordic Angel Program by EstBAN

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is a business angel training and investment program led by experienced startup investors. The program links with the leading startup events in the New Nordics, culminating in an investment selected by the group. NAP is a micro-fund type of co-investment syndicate where angel investors will participate with minimum tickets of €5000 and invest into 1-2 startups. 


  • To increase cross-border investing awareness among existing and potential startup investors
  • To increase angel investments by syndicating
  • To make stronger network connections
  • To obtain investment skills and share best practice
  • To build diversified investment portfolio


  • Syndicated investments into startups from a micro-fund by 25+ angels
  • Training days and evaluation workshops
  • Lead investor selected in course of the process
  • The joint evaluation and due diligence using a common investment platform StartupIncluder
  • The investment is executed in collaboration with a local startup conference
  • Joint study trips together with experienced angels

Nordic Angel Program is the best opportunity to dig deeper into the secrets of angel investing and learn from the experienced peers to start as a business angel. Spread the word and join the syndicate yourself. Both, the early stage startups and angel investors are welcome to submit their applications! 

Investors already signed up:

     Rein Lemberpuu
       Kaspar Hanni
      Raigo Õunapuu          Veiko Meos
        Merlin Salvik 

Application Process

There will be a couple of questions about your startup or investment activity. We will review the basic profile and send further instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us at 

  • TOP20 will be chosen on April 23
  • TOP20 Pitching Session will be on May 3 14.00-17.00 @Radisson Blue
  • TOP4 will be chosen by May 7
  • Final Pitch on Latitude59 Mainstage on May 25 16:00 @Kultuurikatel
  • Announcing the winner - May 25, @Latitude59

More questions? Write to Anu -!