EstBAN participated in Pärnu Juhtimiskonverentsid

Ivar Siimar, Marek Kiisa, Riivo Anton and Signe Viimsalu participated in Pärnu Juhtimiskonverentsid with the panel discussion on business angel investing in Estonia.
The panel titled as The Beliefs and Faith of Business Angels and moderated by Signe Viimsalu focused on actual topics on business angel investing in Estonia. EstBAN members Ivar Siimar, Marek Kiisa and Riivo Anton shared their views on what is a syndication; how EstBAN operates; what exactly business angels are looking for; what to believe; valuation of the businesses; what might be the future of the business angel investing in this region etc.

In the end of the session audience had an opportunity to see how syndication pitch presented by Cloutex looks like.