Business Angel - means an individual investor (qualified as defined by some national regulations) that invests directly (or through their personal holding) his/her own money predominantly in seed stage or start-up companies with no family relationships. Business angels make their own (final) investment decisions and are financially independent. Business angels invest with a medium to long term set time-frame and are ready to provide, on top of their individual investment, follow-up strategic support to entrepreneurs from investment to exit.

Investment Readiness - means a privileged moment in time when entrepreneurs are ready to meet and negotiate with business angels, as they understand what the prerequisites of the involvement of the business angel in a company are.

Due Diligence - means process of evaluation of a project by a potential investor based on material facts.

Seed Financing - means financing provided to research, test/evaluate and develop an initial concept before a business has reached start-up phase.

Start-up Financing - means financing provided to companies for product development and initial marketing. Companies may be in the process of being set up or may have been in business for a short time, but have not sold their product commercially.

Source: www.eban.org; www.oecd.org and www.wbaa.biz