For Angel Investors

Join the syndication call of angel investors in choosing the top early-stage startup in Estonia and making a syndicated investment in the winner. 

Ticket size is €5000 (x2, x3) + €250 to cover the legal and management costs. Deal terms will be negotiated by a lead angel who will be chosen by participating investors. 

Deadline for investor application was  April 1, 2018!

The selection of the winner is a careful step-by-step process. All the applying startups will be evaluated by the investors, who have joined the program. The list of TOP15 will be published on the competition’s official website, and will be invited to pitch in front of the angels and top 4 will get a chance to pitch at Technology and Startup Conference Latitude59, where also the winning startup will be announced and the investment terms will be signed.

Program Includes

Training sessions
Interactive meetings focusing on cross-border investing and sharing of investment material including templates and tools.
Group discussions and joint decision making, startup screening and due diligence.

Building network
connect with experienced angels - investment decisions are done as a group led by experienced investors.
Joint investor study trips introducing investors
to the investment community in a new region.

Nordic Angel Program Timeline

Noric Angel Program Spring 2018 program

Trainings (all on-site, participation possible over teleconference)
  1. 12. April 15.00-17.00 - Fundable companies for angels by Petri Lehmuskoski
  2. 19. April 15.00-17.00 - Evaluating and preparing for angel deals by Yrjö Ojasaar
  3. 10. May 15.00-17.00 - Due Diligence and closing the round by Heidi Kakko
  4. 7. June 15.00-17.00 - Supporting the startup team by Pontus Strahlman

  1. 03. May - TOP15 company pitches + workshops "Pitch Analysis and Selecting TOP4" (on-site)
  2. 17. May - TOP4 Due Diligence Findings Analysis (on-site)
  3. 25. May - Latitude59 Conference - Final Pitch and Award Ceremony

Join now and invite friends!

That is the best opportunity to dig deeper into the secrets of angel investing and learn from the experienced peers to start as a business angel. Spread the word and join the syndicate yourself.