Investor Benefits

  • Build relations to both domestic and international angels.
  • Evaluate and co-invest into potential growth companies together with lead angels.
  • Digital platform tools to communicate and manage cross-border investing.
  • Facilitated syndication services free-of-charge

Program Includes

Training sessions
Interactive meetings focusing on cross-border investing and sharing of investment material including templates and tools.
Group discussions and joint decision making, startup screening and due diligence.

Building network
connect with experienced angels - investment decisions are done as a group led by experienced investors.
Joint investor study trips introducing investors
to the investment community in a new region.

Nordic Angel Program Timeline

Trainings and workshops (participation possible over teleconference) take place during March-April. 

Study Trips (possible to join without investing in NAP)
  • April 15-19, 2019 to Tel Aviv, Israel (max group 15 angel investors)
Final event 
  • May 17, 2019 - Latitude59

Deal Flow

  • Online voting in StartupIncluder
  • Minimum 100 startups
  • Max 3M€ valuation
  • Investment hand over on Latitude59 (May 16-17, 2019)


  • All trainings will be live-streamed and recorded and will be available afterwards
  • Bootcamp for brand new angels
  • International trainers
  • Great networking and learning from experienced angels

Nordic Angel Program

NAP is the best opportunity to dig deeper into the secrets of angel investing and learn from the experienced peers to start as a business angel. Spread the word and join the syndicate yourself!

For the first batch, we had 35 investors on board, for the 2nd, there were 52 in total, including the international investors from neighbouring countries.